Overview: Cataracts

Cataracts represents the clouding of the natural lens inside the eye. It is completely normal and appropriate finding in patients over 50 years of age or older. Cataract formation is also associated with steroid use, trauma, and diabetes. Most cataracts have minimal to no symptoms. However as cataracts progress, they can cause decreased vision, glare, and dimness.


The diagnosis of cataracts is made entirely with a complete eye exam.


Asymptomatic cataracts can and should be observed. Once the cataract starts to affect a patient’s vision, the first step in treatment is checking to see if new glasses will help. If a patient remains symptomatic, cataract surgery is a highly effective and permanent option to help restore vision. Dr. Joseph performs cataract surgery on a limited basis typically when it is necessary at the time of primary glaucoma surgery. He is happy to guide each cataract patient on the best course of treatment, whether it be observation, surgery with him, or a referral to another excellent surgeon in the area.

Cataracts Risk Assessment Quiz

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