Overview: Nutraceuticals

Nutrition is an important, and under-appreciated, aspect of treating many eye conditions, including dry eye disease. The HydroEye is a supplement produced by ScienceBased Health to help provide relief from dry eye disease. It features a proprietary and premium blend of nutrient cofactors and omega-3 fatty acids, including the important gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Several clinical studies have shown that gamma linolenic acid (GLA) derived from natural black currant seed oil, when used in specific formulations, works to target the root cause of dry eyes. The HydroEye formula has been proven in clinical testing to help improve the tear film, reduce tear inflammation, and reduce dry eye symptoms.

How can I get it?

HydroEye is available for purchase through the company website. If you prefer, Dallas Eye MD also sells the HydroEye at a discounted price.