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BlephEx Microexfoliation

BlephEx Microexfoliation

BlephEx Microexfoliation to Maintain Healthy Lids and Lashes

It is common for debris and dandruff to form on the base of the eyelashes in all of us. However, occasionally a small mite called Demodex can grow and infect the eyelashes, which can lead to eye conditions that are difficult to treat. This Demodex infection is especially common in people who regularly use false eyelashes or lash extensions. Left untreated, Demodex infestation on the eyelashes can lead to chronic ocular surface diseases, including keratoconjunctivitis sicca, blepharitis, and meibomian gland dysfunction.

Three recent articles highlight the increasing problem of lash extension associated Demodex:
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2. Amid Popularity of Eyelash Extensions Some Doctors See Uptick in Lash Mites Due to Poor Hygiene
3. Blog: A Case of Demodex Infestation with Eyelash Extensions

The BlephEx is a painless in-office treatment that promotes healthy and vibrant eyelashes. The treatment gently and deeply exfoliates the eyelids and lashes which helps prevent Demodex infestation and also reduces the inflammatory burden that contributes to ocular surface disease. Generally, it is recommended that patients who routinely use lash extensions have their eyelids treated every six months.



The BlephEx is a quick, revolutionary treatment that takes about 8 minutes to complete. A micro-sponge soaked in a special cleanser is spun carefully and precisely along the eyelid margins. Many patients describe it like an ultrasonic cleaning of their eyelashes. Patients feel a mild tickle during the treatment, but no significant pain or discomfort. The treatment costs $150 at our office.

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