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Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye Disease

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Dallas Dry Eye Center

Dry Eye Syndrome is a common condition that afflicts many Texans. It may sound like a simple disease, but dry eye disease is actually a highly complex, multifactorial, and chronic condition that requires both personalized and long-term care.

Typical symptoms include a gritty or sandy feeling on the eye, eye redness, involuntary tearing, and frequent blinking. While the condition usually does not lead to serious problems, it can cause significant eye discomfort and fluctuating vision.


Many people do not know they have dry eyes and live with the symptoms. Dozens of factors can contribute to eye dryness. Artificial tear drops and ointments are the initial treatment of choice, but many patients do not respond adequately to this conservative therapy.

A thorough and personalized evaluation is necessary in order to find a solution specific to each individual patient. Dry eyes are unfortunately neglected by some eye care professionals due to the chronic and difficult nature of the disease.

Dr. Joseph established the Dallas Dry Eye Center to offer patients comprehensive, advanced, and unrushed evaluations for dry eyes. Our center is one of the few dry eye centers of excellence in the country and a regional leader in North Texas for dry eye care.

This is the one of the only dry eye centers in Dallas-Ft Worth fully run by an ophthalmologist (medical doctor). We also offer the latest treatments for dry eyes, including lid microexfoliation, MGD thermal therapy, and amniotic grafts.


If you think you have dry eyes or have already been diagnosed with dry eyes and remain unsatisfied with your treatment, consider scheduling a consultation.