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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The Metroplex is fortunate to have several excellent ophthalmologists and optometrists to serve our community’s eye care needs, but we hope you will consider choosing and entrusting us. At Dallas Eye & Glaucoma, we have built our practice on three pillars: Skilled Care, Exceptional Service, and Joyful Spirit.

Skilled Care

Providing skilled eye care is our first priority and is the foundation of our practice. To that end, Dr. Joseph has completed rigorous training including medical school, ophthalmology residency, and a glaucoma sub-specialty fellowship. Thanks to his training, he is able to expertly provide general adult ophthalmology care, medical and surgical glaucoma services, and dry eye disease treatments.

Exceptional Service

We made our second pillar exceptional service after listening to the frustrations many patients feel with their health care experience. Our practice model does not depend on seeing the most number of patients we can squeeze into a day. Instead, we have created a practice that allows us to see fewer patients and spend quality time with each one. As a result, Dr. Joseph is able to spend ample time with his patients, minimize wait times, and offer an overall patient-centered environment.

Joyful Spirit

Our last pillar is joyful spirit. This is especially important because medicine, and ophthalmology specifically, is a humbling profession. Sometimes the disease wins despite our best and most valiant efforts. Nonetheless, we recognize that we can still help our patients. We can still provide value by bringing optimism, patience, utmost kindness, and a spirit of joy. In short, we want to improve our patients’ lives in any way we can.